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Giant PowerFit powered by Wattbike is a unique bike fitting system - using the scientific accuracy, authentic ride feel and custom technique of Wattbike to ensure your bike-fit is optimised for power, speed, comfort and control.

The correct size bike is essental for safety and comfort, but a professional bike-fit takes this to a whole new level - improving comfort, reducing the risk of injury and increasing performance.

PowerFit is the only bike-fit system that uses WattBike's proprietary Polar View technology - with accurate power measurement of the entire pedal stroke of both your left and right leg, to improve pedalling technique, balance, efficiency and power through the perfect fit.

Full Static Fit - £100 

In addition to our Power Fit we can now perform a full Static Bike Fit to run alongside. This takes the form of a full rider interview to gauge the riders fitness and ability along with any injury's the rider may have currently or historically. The static fit also includes assessment of and adjustment to cleat position. Final notes of the riders position and Polar View results are then emailed to the customer for future reference. Combined with a PowerFit, the session will last for 2 hours at a cost of £100. 

Cleat Fitting - £25 

Correct metatarsal measurement is taken and necessary adjustment made accordingly. Condition of current cleat is looked at and advise given if new cleats are needed. 

Get the PowerFit difference in store today - contact us now to book a PowerFit session.


Visit our state of the art PowerFit studio at Giant Store Rutland Water for an expert fit which will improve your efficiency and increase your power output.


Tangible results to take away and revisit as you follow pedalling technique advice and for applying your optimum settings to new bikes.

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Wattbikes featuring Polar View Technology which assesses left and right pedal stroke independently, throughout the pedal stroke.

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Accurate bike fitting and training advice will improve your pedal stroke for a more efficient and more powerful output.