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Giant E-Bike - Power To The People!

March 3, 2017

Here at Giant Store Rutland we have the largest selection of Giant E-Bikes in the UK, with everything for the commuter to roadie and full on trail rider. Hybrid Cycling Technology bikes are advanced pedal assist electric bikes that let you travel further, faster with greater ease. Flatten hills and arrive at work, no sweat.

Superior Power Output

The new SyncDrive offers support modes (Eco, Normal and Power) and powerful assistance with a maximum support ratio of 360%. This means that, in the “Power” mode, 100% of human torque input offers 360% of pedal-assist power.

High Performance Ride Quality

For performance-minded riders, this motor offers 80Nm of powerful support up to 120 max rpm in the upper support modes (Normal, Power). The rider experiences no power loss at higher cadences, which makes steep climbs more accessible and comfortable. At the two entry support modes, the rider is rewarded with 110 max rpm and 80Nm of motor torque. SyncDrive is also tuned to give quick and direct response to pedaling. It delivers 100% of 80Nm of motor torque in less than 190 milliseconds.

Lightweight and Compact

The light and compact motor allows added ground clearance and a more seamless integration with the frame. 

Try before you Buy

We have a full range of E-Bikes here to demo, so you can try before you buy with the confidence that you are getting the best technology in the market today.

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